Saturday, March 03, 2012

Choosing a host

On my journey to be the webapp guru :-), I started to search on the net for online tutorials and came across

On the, it gives some information for all the basic foundations of the building a webapp. I mean, the stack could include Ruby or Python or other. concentrated a php for the server side functionality and javascript for client side functionality. That seems quite reasonable.

I quickly read through the html tutorial and the tutorials about CSS. It is now time to tackle php. I went with their recommendation on using

The signup process was pretty easy and allow me to quickly get up and going quickly.

From my learning perspective, it said that it gives me full php functionality with MySQL. Technically, it gives me php version 5.2.17 and I can get access to a MySQL installation.

Well, let continue and see how far this gets me.

disclaimer: the link to is an affiliate link..

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