Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What platform for Mobile apps?

This is just a list of development platforms that I can use for mobile apps.

Google Android SDK - Only for Android, however supported by Google.

Haxe.org - Multi-target. Also needs the Google Android SDK as it generates C++ code. Haxe is a multi target language, similar to Java.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Googlecl, what the f*ck is it?

I was going crazy trying to workout a way to upload data into the my blogger account. Sure, I could just write a post via the post option within blogger, but I want to do this in an automatic manner.

My first was to sent an email via the command line to blogger. The problem is that while it sort of work, I came across the problem that the post is uploaded and marked as a draft version. So I still need to login and publish it. Another problem is that my posts have pictures in them. I am unable to embedded a picture in the email that I am sending via the command line.

The second attempt is to access the Blogger API directly. However, during my research in the Blogger API, I came across googlecl

googlecl is Google's answer to accessing data to their services. Their services includes Blogger, Picasa, Docs and many more.

googlecl is also able to upload a file. So if that file is a html file, it would be rendered quite nicely by blogger.

The commandline is

google blogger post --src [filename.html] --title "a title" --tags "awesome"

The article has some hints if googlecl docs are too confusing.