Saturday, December 28, 2013

Keep your App signing keys safe.

Today I tried to publish version 3 of Dream Noise but struck against a problem that I was not aware previously.

During the preparation of the apk for uploading to Google Play, I forgot the password for the signing. "OK, no big deal. I will just delete the old keystore and create a new one," I thought. Well, that went well until I upload the apk onto Google Play. As the version 3 of the Dream Noise was signed with a different key, Google detected that the difference and reject the submission.

I can see that this is the correct thing for Google to do. The signing of apk ensures that it can only be updated by the same people.

So the lesson learn for me is to keep a note of the password that I have used to create the keystore.

To recovery of this problem is to unpublish Dream Noise from Google Play, wait for it to be removed. Upload a new application on to it. That is the plan. Let see if it will work out like that.

This is a link on StackOverflow that addresses this problem. Take heed.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Dream Noise is on Google Play

Dream Noise is now published on Google Play. Initially, I wanted to do the right testing phase and run the Alpha / Beta test programs through the Google eco system. After speaking to a couple of friends, it turns out that the simplicity of the app allows it to be published straight away.

If you are interested to find out what it is, just to the Google Play link, ( to download and play.

I have also posted the link to Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. I am now actually sure how to track where the most clicks are coming from. The Google Developer console does have a statistical information, but it is only for downloads. Visits does not count to the Google Play item does get counted.

So far, it has gone through one iteration. It was mostly to change the background colour from a white colour to something darker. The reasoning is when the user is trying to fall asleep, it would be rather silly to have it a bright light emitting from the phone. So I changed it to a dark blue colour.