Thursday, September 15, 2011

A startup for non-profits

Hang on a minute, the whole point of a startup is to make gazillions dollars, isn't it? Well sort of. Dodd Caldwell has just launched BellStrike about two weeks ago, and it seems to be off to a steady start.

I really like the way that Dodd has worked on this. This is a win-win situation that is not only for himself, but also for the non-profit community. As he rightly pointed out, most non-profits do not want to worry about setting up a website to get donations, or increasing their profile. BellStrike is an almost perfect solution as it has the right mixture of features required for such a website to work. 

At the moment, BellStrike is only able to do non-profits based in the USA. I believe that he has plans to expand beyond the American borders. I really want to see something like to succeed, anything to help increase the level of donations for the non-profits is always good.

Check it out!

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