Saturday, July 26, 2014

Idea: Road Trip games

I had an idea. It was brewing during a day trip with the family in the countryside. I remember that when I was on a day trip with my siblings and parents, we play two games, one was car cricket and the other was a car spotting.

The car cricket game is a bit complicated. It was based upon a numbers that appear on the car number plate. As in a cricket game, the last digit in the number plate is the runs, and it is only used from a specific car or a bus. When the last digit is a 0, a wicket is produced. When 12 wickets is encountered, the next person takes its turn at batting. When everyone had its turn, the scores are added up and who ever has the largest runs is the winner.

The car spotting game is a lot simpler than car cricket game. Before the journey starts, a brand of car is selected. It could be a BMW, Porsche or VolksWagen. When someone spots the car, its brand name shouted out. A point is given to him. At the end of the trip, the person with the highest score is the winner.

It is possible to encapsulate these two games into a mobile app?


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