Thursday, April 12, 2012

This is getting annoying...validation of an idea.

I got a email from Nev (of AppSumo fame) about how many people are having good success in validating their ideas. So the AppSumo guys thought it would be a good idea to run a competition to see who had best validations, and the winner gets a trip to Austin, Texas.

Well, I accepted the challenge and posted up a validation idea. Check it out here, for the launching site.

So I posted up my validation response and ticked the box to receive any follow up messages. This was getting good until some crazy spammers started to post comments, eh spams, up. It was getting annoying.
As for my idea, I am going to run this as a slow ramp up. Firstly, I don't have the time to launch into full time, and secondly, I have many things to learn, and thirdly, it started to look like a small idea the start, but it is actually quite a complex application.

I am using to create the launch page, however I came across which could have been a better choice as it has better mailing list integration. 

For mailing list management, I stuck with as I didn't know anything else and I have heard that it was one of the better ones around.

The launch page has been up for about 1 week, and I haven't done and marketing for it. I have four subscribers, so lets see. I need to understand how works to use it more effectively. 

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