Sunday, February 13, 2011

Giving git a go

Do we give git a go? I have only use a centralise version control system such as CVS or SVN, or god forbid, VSS. With the new project getting started, I thought I give git a shot.

Looking for the easiest way to get start, I did not want to start with a local git server. I don't have a spare computer laying about, nor do I have a computer that running Linux. 

So headed on over to and signed up for an account. For all the experimentation that I am going to be early on, I will be making it open sourced. There is nothing that I need to hide as it is mostly just prototype code anyway.

The next thing I need to do is to install a git client. git started in the Linux domain and the majority of the tools are in the Linux domain. The Windows tools are available but are over a msys environment, meaning that the git tool is used in a Linux simulated environment. 

I am excited to find out how git can help me produce a better result as oppose to using SVN.

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